Alain Waitsman

Associate Director (LREA)

Alain’s core philosophy that successful relationships are built on trust has served him well. His exceptional client base and repeat business are testament to his fundamental values of offering transparency, consistency and educated guidance for each and every real estate transaction he commits to.

Born to be part of the industry, Alain’s stellar career has seen him perform under all conditions. His ability to acclimatize his skill-set and apply his innate understanding of the market and economics ensures he consistently exceeds expectations even in the most hostile of environments. A rational yet decisive approach to negotiating sees life-long professional relationships formed that are built on respect and confidence.

A proud family man, Alain understands the deep emotional connection that comes with selling real estate. Managing seller’s livelihoods holds a level of responsibility that is not lost on Alain. ‘Understanding motivation is paramount. It is the difference between doing a good job and a great job.’

Alain’s natural inclination to lead and mentor allows the team at LJ Hooker to learn and be inspired by his consistent multi-million dollar transactions. A formidable dynamic with Bill Malouf has seen the duo achieve unparalleled record-breaking results warranting their dominance in the prestige Eastern Suburbs market place.

*A member of the ‘Multi-Million Dollar Captain’s Club’

  • Multi - Million Dollar Chapter
    Multi - Million Dollar Chapter

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My Awards

  • Multi - Million Dollar Chapter - May 2018
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Bronze Medallist - Aug 2016
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Silver Medallist - Aug 2015
  • Annual International - World Champion Salesperson - Gross Commission 7th place - Aug 2015
  • Annual NSW/ACT - Best Business Growth Individual - Income Earned (2nd Runner Up) - Aug 2015
  • Annual NSW/ACT - Best Business Growth Individual - Income Earned (Runner Up) - Aug 2013