A message from Property Management

Our dedicated COVID-19 team are continuing to work around the clock to deal with the various requests coming in to our office. Our office is fortunate enough to have all the resources and a highly experienced team to navigate our clients through this period.
Some key areas that we are currently working on for you:
  • Landlords and Tenants working together to negotiate the best possible outcome to maintain some stability at this time
  • Minimise the potential for high vacancy rates which potentially could, in turn, affect rents in the medium to long term
  • Working on both the situation at hand now as well as taking a forward thinking approach to prepare for the post COVID-19 era
We have been communicating by email and phone with our owners and tenants and we would now like to implement meetings via ZOOM!
If we send you an email request for a ZOOM discussion, please feel free to accept!
Alternatively, if you would like to contact us to meet with you, just let us know.
We understand however that this is not possible for all of our clients so if we do invite you and you are unable to meet with us, we can phone or email you instead, just let us know.
We do hope that you are keeping well and safe.

Nicola Turville-Ince (LREA)
Head of Property Management