Embrace the strength within your purpose

We encourage our team to actively pursue, embrace, and take ownership of their individual purpose. Our aim is to support our team in exceeding their own expectations.

By fostering a strong sense of care, empathy, and expertise, we strive to unlock greater potential for our team. Our priority is always the well-being of our people.

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Meet Our Directors

Alon Beran & Aaron Del Monte

The reason we get out of bed every morning is to inspire each and every individual in our team to be the best versions of themselves every day.

Our role as Directors of LJ Hooker Double Bay is not to sell more properties than the next person, it's not to win the top salesperson award, it's quite simply to make sure that the team is equipped with the best tools, processes, and support to achieve their personal and career goals and highly rewarded as a result.

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Support from the very start

At LJ Hooker, we understand that the quicker you are established, the quicker you can start growing. As part of our onboarding process, you will receive one-on-one training and support to ensure you hit the ground running and open a whole new world of opportunity.

Unlock your full potential with us

LJ Hooker Double Bay is genuinely invested in your career.

We understand your goals and aspirations, allowing us to provide the support you need to succeed.

By aligning our objectives with yours, we can achieve greater success together. Unlock your potential and reach out to us if you're looking for a company that values your growth.

Let's work together to achieve your goals.

Access tailored in-person and on-demand training to fuel your performance

Grow your skills, boost your career, and become the best you can be with our award-winning national training programs.

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Our Values

At our company, we have strong values that guide our actions and define who we are. Here are the core principles we stand for:

We believe in being genuine and true to ourselves. We encourage open and honest communication, saying what we mean, and following through on our words. Authenticity is key, as it allows us to build meaningful connections and achieve greatness.

We embrace a curious mindset, continuously seeking knowledge and staying relevant. By exploring new ideas and anticipating people's needs, we can unlock opportunities and remain adaptable in a changing world.

We encourage courage, boldness, and bravery. Taking control of our lives and making decisions that align with our aspirations is essential. We support each other in making a mark and creating a future that we can be proud of.

Every voice matters, and we value a supportive and respectful environment. By putting the good of others at the forefront, we become stronger as a team. We believe in collaboration, mutual success, and building together each day.

These values guide us in empowering individuals to live their purpose and achieve more than they thought possible. We prioritize people and strive to create a culture where everyone can thrive.

As a part of the LJ Hooker Group you open up access to

LJ Hooker Coaches

Our network performance team is here to coach and support you

Industry Experts - 1
Industry Experts

We work with industry experts to deliver exclusive training throughout the year

High-Performing Agents - 1
High-performing agents

Hear from our high performers about what’s driving their success

Shared Knowledge - 1
Shared Knowledge

Learn from what is working for other business owners across the network

Inperson Training - 1
In-person training

Attend a range of national and regional workshops, seminars and events

On-Demand Training - 1
On-demand training

Access our library of countless on-demand training, online or in-person

Online Training - 1
Online training

Tap into experts across the country with online coaching and webinars

Business and Career Planning - 1
Business and career planning

Work with our director to personalise a training plan for you

Programs for Everyone - 1
Programs for everyone

We’ve developed a range of programs for you and your team

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Be recognised and awarded for all your hard work

We celebrate your success with both regional, national and international awards events. Held annually our national and international awards are an opportunity to come together, network and congratulate you for your high performance.

Our Top 10% of performers are rewarded across the network and unlock access to exclusive events to collaborate with other high performers as a part of our Captains Club.

We're leading innovation in marketing

LJ Hooker is one of the most recognised brand names in Australia and here's why.

Our award-winning approach

Always on lead generation

We know the value of being in the right place at the right time. LJ Hooker’s always-on digital campaigns are driving thousands of leads back to you.

In 2022 we generated over 11,000 leads, which is 80% more than the year before.

National presence, local reach

We share our digital best practices to ensure our office website connect you to your local area and generates more enquiries.

Amplify your digital reach

We engage with only the best digital partners to ensure the LJ Hooker network have year-round access to the best tools and strategies.

Local area marketing

Creating awareness in your local community through templated branded materials that can be easily customised to increase your local area profile and help generate more business.

Seasonal content

Access our yearly marketing calendar, which maps out every important day of the year and the new assets available for each.

Thumb stopping content

From articles to eBooks, you have access to a library of high quality content to ensure we’re serving consumers the most relevant content, when they need it.

Press & Communications

The LJ Hooker PR team generates tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of media impressions each month and can help gain you exposure on your unique property listings.

More journalists reach out to the LJ Hooker Group than any other brand, resulting in our number one ranking for media Share of Voice.

National recognition

LJ Hooker is recognised nationally which is why we have millions of views on our website each month.

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Benefit from the LJ Hooker Platform that integrates the industry's leading technology and digital innovations

Did you know the average real estate agent has 12.5 subscriptions? Our platform is designed to enhance the agent and seller experience by delivering efficiencies throughout the real estate transaction process.

Our team of experts stay current and relevant drawing ideas and inspiration from a broad range of industries and protech partners. We have a dedicated product and technology team working with real estate experts to understand the problems agents face in or to progressively eliminate the pain points through the real estate transaction process.

We're more than a network, we're a community

We are proud to support and give back to the communities in which we live, work and play all around Australia.

LJ Hooker Foundation

Supporting the local community is one of the cornerstones that has seen LJ Hooker become the iconic brand it is today. Our founder, Sir Leslie Hooker, was knighted in 1973 for services to commerce and the community, and we’re humbled to be able to continue the work he believed in through the LJ Hooker Foundation.

Through the LJ Hooker Foundation, we have been able to focus our efforts as one. Since its inception, the LJ Hooker Foundation and LJ Hooker offices and their teams have raised over $8.6 million for our partner charities, and many good causes and provided support to change the lives of individuals and families in need.

Learn more

Learn more

When you are part of LJ Hooker, you will benefit from successful strategies, tools and resources.

Our leadership team
Our Executive Leadership Team
We have an extraordinary array of talented team members working for LJ Hooker. Our Executive Leadership Team boasts a diverse background having been part of a range of blue chip companies both external to the real estate industry.
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Checklists, eBooks & FAQs
Checklists, eBooks & FAQs
With more than 90 years experience we’ve been helping Australians with their real estate needs for generations. Discover in-depth eBooks, checklists, market reports and research.
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LJ Hooker Group Launches Lighthouse, Powered by Global LMS Northpass
LJ Hooker Group Launches Lighthouse, Powered by Global LMS Northpass
The LJ Hooker Group today announced its exclusive agreement with US-based Northpass, a leading Learning Management System (LMS), that powers the LJ Hooker Group’s new training platform Lighthouse.
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